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Quality is our Business

When top quality is a must, the leaders in component manufacturing rely on Recco Filters.

Recco Products is AS9100 Certified.

This annual audit of our Quality Management System ensures that our processes can withstand the precise requirements of the aerospace industry.  While that may be good enough for some, our leadership goes the extra mile here as well; insisting on internal audits throughout the year to perform ongoing performance of our quality system.  We are proud of our quality and can provide a copy of our current certification upon request. Please email our Sales department at sales@reccofilters.com to request our current certification.


Inspections Include:

  • Spec validation
  • Gaging
  • PPAP validation
  • Failure modes & effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Alloy analysis
  • Optical measurement

State of the Art Tools to Get the Job Done

Micro-welding, Stamping & Shearing

Capacitive Discharge Resistance (CDR) welding allows us to produce the reliable filters, strainers, sieves and screens we specialize in.
With the Capacitive Discharge Resistance (CDR) welding technique we helped pioneer, we fabricate small-to-miniature parts from wire cloth and photo-etched media. Because energy builds within the device in advance of the weld, CDR welding provides consistent, durable welds that produce more consistent seam strength over other weld types. Plus, the quick burst of energy is pinpointed only at the spot of the weld, which prevents damage to the rest of the element. These precise instruments, paired with micro-video output for operator precision, produce clean, highly precise parts that stand up to rigorous quality inspections and demanding customer applications.

CNC Precision Machining

Recco’s machine shop produces the fine parts that turn formed mesh into a usable component, by producing custom end-caps, housings, fittings and assemblies to complete your parts.
This roster of highly-precise tools allows for tight tolerances, rapid prototyping, and both short and long run production.

  • Yama Seiki Turning Centers w/Fanuc Controls
  • Cubic Micro CNC Turning Centers
  • Haas Mini Mills with 4th Axis
  • Hardinge 2nd Operation Lathes
  • Gibbs Cam Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Validation Equipment

Metal Composition

  • The alloy composition of every batch of aerospace wire cloth is independently tested to ensure they meet specifications.
  • On-site XRF Alloy Analyzer

Customer Specifications

  • In-house Gauging
  • Optical Comparison
  • Laser Measurement

The Highest Inspection Standards

Our quality inspection team validates your parts at several points throughout the production process.
Our quality inspection team validates your parts at several points throughout the production process.

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