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Driven By Quality

Excellence in Precision Manufacturing

We live by the radical notion that quality should be the expectation, not a surprise.

Since 1967

Our team has been unrelenting in their quality commitment – in every part shipped under the Recco name.

The Gold Standard

We’ve built a strong reputation by setting our eye on the prize … delivering Gold Standard quality that other suppliers are measured against.

Over 50 Employees

Aim to meet The Gold Standard with each weld, machining process, or quality inspection they’re responsible for.

Praise for the Recco Team

Golden Recognition from
Woodward Aerospace

Thank you to Woodward for being an outstanding business partner and thank you to our dedicated team. Your commitment to quality filter manufacturing makes praise like this possible.

Over a 12 month period, our Recco team delivered an outstanding quality defect rate of only 300 parts per million (ppm). Comparatively, the next best vendor had a 3,000+ ppm defect rate.

This award also reflected our on-time delivery rating – which was essentially 100%.

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