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Aerospace Microfilters

Our reputation with leading motion control and propulsion system manufacturers is unmatched – earning several awards for being on-time and on-spec with nearly 100% of all deliveries. In addition to providing a quality product, Recco’s design engineers consistently offer time and cost saving recommendations to keep our partners profitable and efficient with resources.

AS 9100 + ISO 9001 Certified Supplier

Since 2005, our processes have passed or exceeded a rigorous quality audit by Perry Johnson Registrars.

DFARS Compliant

Domestic sourcing is available for all metals; including filter media, titanium, stainless steel bar, and more.

A Batch of Custom Fuel Injector Screens | Recco Filters

Clean Operation with Fuel Injector Screens

Our filters preserve efficiency by catching particles before they’re sprayed into a jet engine turbine.

  • Injector ring screen
  • After burner ring filter

De-icing Fluid Filter

Our filters keep fluid lines clear of clogs and damaging debris.

  • Glycol flows through a Recco de-icing system filter before hitting the sprayer to keep the nozzle operating at the right flow rate.
  • Appropriate for filtering all aviation grade SAE/ISO/AEA Type I glycols, including mono-ethylene, di-ethylene, propylene glycol and other non-flammable petroleum products.
De-icing Equipment Nozzle Filter | Recco Filters
In-line & Last Chance Filters (LCFs) | Recco Filters

In-line & Last Chance Filters (LCFs)

Recco Filters are employed at key points within a fuel system

  • Wash flow filters within the flight control module for fuel, start up, take off, in flight, and emergency power
  • Removing large particles from fuel exiting the fuel tank
  • Filtering tiny fragments and wear particles that may have sheared off into the fluid during engine operation

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At Recco, we do nothing less than meet exact customer requirements each and every time. Our partnerships with aerospace suppliers across flight, space travel and military applications are long-lasting for good reason.

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Partners in Aerospace Innovation | Recco Filters

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