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Commercial & Industrial Filters

When your customer’s profitability depends on the integrity of the unit you sell them, only the highest standards will do. Our stainless steel filtration solutions are respected across industrial product markets for reliability and long-lasting performance. And while precision filters are used in many ways, one fact anchors them all – Recco brings the highest level of quality, partnership, and reliability to the table for every customer we partner with.

Custom Inline Coolant Filter | Recco Filters

Coolant Screens for Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Refrigerant flows through tiny orifices to produce the cooling needs of the refrigeration industry. Our micro filters protect the flow in these high-pressure environments to keep orifices clear of debris and broken down fluids.

  • Small orifice screens
  • Expansion valve filters
  • Capillary tube filter

Apparel Fabrication

Our products allow customers in the sports apparel industry to produce next-gen fabrics with lightweight, moisture-wicking properties. The even, consistent application of proprietary chemicals is essential for the production of Gore-tex’s® high-end performance apparel; our filters keep small orifices in the manufacturing process free of debris and wear-particles.

Mesh Fabric Extrusion | Recco Filters
Commercial Food & Beverage Strainer Components | Recco Filters

Commercial Filters - Beverages and Beyond

Our top-tier quality standards allow us to provide cleanable, corrosion resistant stainless steel micro filters for the food and beverage industry.

  • Juicer pulp strainers
  • Forms for reusable, cleanable coffee filters

Your Next Innovation Needs Recco On Board

At Recco, we do nothing less than meet exact customer requirements each and every time. Our partnerships with commercial product fabricators across the commercial and consumer products industries have helped top brands build a strong reputation in quality and lasting performance.

Contact us today for an experienced partner in the filtration industry that is committed to your success.

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Success Depends on Smart Partnerships

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