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Turbine Energy Filters

Recco Filters is a preferred supplier of miniature filters and strainers for gas and steam turbines and compressors; specifically to protect injector nozzles. We are recognized by leaders in the power generation industry for our un-matched quality, reliability, and cost-saving measures year after year.

Micro Turbine Generator Filters | Recco Filters

Micro Turbine Generator Filters

We supply the leaders with filtration for all segments of the market including
  • Frame engines
  • Standby power
  • Aero derivatives
  • Micro turbine generators

Our custom filters and housings protect the integrity of

  • Fuel controls
  • Valves
  • Actuators
  • Safety systems
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Combustion systems

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At Recco, we do nothing less than meet exact customer requirements each and every time. Our partnerships with the leading manufacturers of power generation components have enabled growth and profitability to every customer. Contact us today for an experienced partner in the filtration industry that is committed to your success.

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