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Scientific Lab Strainers, Baskets, & Stamped Metal

The scientific and medical communities turn to Recco Filters for precision strainers, sieves, and mesh components. These tools are used to form, separate, and validate products that meet precise specifications.
Residual Gas Analyzer | Recco Filters

Stamped Metal Elements

The usefulness of wire mesh and stainless steel components go well beyond filtration – our expertise in producing miniature stainless steel components proves useful to the medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific research communities. Precision parts are stamped, welded, and machined at Recco for applications within medical sensing devices and lab research equipment – including the screens found on a Gas Spectrometer.

Dissolution Baskets

Leading companies like Agilent Technologies come to Recco for thousands of wire mesh baskets for pharmaceutical testing each year. The reliability of our product has made us a go-to partner for these and other industries.
Dissolution Basket | Recco Filters
Flame Arrestor | Recco Filters

Wire Screens for Flame Arrestors

We’re a proud partner in the manufacturing of scientific instruments; including wire mesh flame arrestors. Our stainless steel mesh and industry-leading manufacturing techniques allow for a product that can withstand the high temperature thresholds required by these devices.

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At Recco, we do nothing less than meet exact customer requirements each and every time. We’re proud of our reputation with leading medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific research companies and are honored to be partners in their success. Contact us today for an experienced partner in the filtration industry that is committed to your success.
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